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All too often, individuals needing to generate extra finances may moan, worry about or alternatively do nothing about their seemingly helpless situation.

However, in today's day and age, there truly are a wide variety of creative ways to make money without making the huge commitment of getting a second job.

With an effective work-life balance imperative to not only feeling healthy, revitalised and driven, making additional funds needn't leave you feeling hamstrung. By thinking outside of the box and using the internet innovatively, you may discover that generating extra cash wasn't so daunting as first imagined.

Sell your vehicle number plate

If your vehicle's number plate contains a name or a significant combination of letters or numbers, you could be sitting on a goldmine. Whether the joy of sporting a personal plate has worn off or alternatively, you stumbled across a sought-after blend of characters, it could be time to cash in.

You may share your name with an excitable first-time driver looking for a personal plate or if '1D' features in that order, fans of the ridiculously popular band One Direction would part with a handsome fee to take your plate off your hands!

Sell your own blog products

Are you massively driven by a particular hobby or side project? The modern-day capabilities of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter allows bloggers to generate meaningful communities of people like never before.

If you're talented enough with ample spare time to regularly provide unique content and build trust whether you run a cookery blog, sports team fan club or fitness fanzine, selling your own t-shirts, membership packs and bespoke services may prove an enjoyable way to raise some cash.

Become a delivery rider

Want to earn a few more pennies while getting fit at the same time? Kill two birds with one stone and become a delivery rider for contemporary services like Deliveroo.

Founded in 2013, the food delivery company currently operates in over 70 locations across the UK and truly is a low maintenance way to generate funds. All workers need is a cycle or motorbike (and appropriate safety equipment), a capable smartphone and the right to work in the UK.

Grab as many rides as you desire and earn as much as £16 per hour depending on the popularity of the service in each location.

Count votes during polling time

While the 2016 general election and EU referendum have now passed, individuals may have not only missed the chance to vote but also the chance to earn some extra cash.

By simply approaching your local council in the lead up to polling time, you could work manageable four-hour shifts as an electoral vote counter. The beauty of roles such as this is that they're temporary, straightforward and interactive.

Become a voluntary pet sitter

Are you an animal lover? Because even if you don't have pets, a great way to get familiar with furry friends is to become a voluntary pet sitter.

Ideal, casual work, particularly in cities and areas of intense lifestyle, holiday bookings and working late shifts may require dogs or cats to be looked after on a weekly or monthly basis.

With some people charging per pet, or per hour, pet sitting really is a great way to earn money while enjoying the feeling of caring for a pet without the responsibility of being its owner.

Trade in old mobile handsets

Ok, so you might've thought of this one before but in reality, how often do we still not take the effort to trade in old mobiles through our own belief that they aren't worth much?

Whether spring cleaning or embarking on a room renovation, you may discover dated handsets that granted, don't have the capabilities of modern smartphones, but still may appeal to a collector or vintage mobile phone enthusiast. Even in cases where they aren't worth a great deal, better to de-clutter and make some money than none at all, right?

Become an Uber driver

So you're familiar with the real ease of booking an Uber ride compared to traditional taxis, but have you thought about becoming the driver rather than the passenger?

The 2009-founded transportation network is a stress-free way to earn some money as well as getting from A to B. All drivers need to become eligible is a private hire licence, a car aged 2008 or newer, be aged over 21 and have a valid UK/EU driving licence, not forgetting a minimum of one years' driving experience.

Fees generated will depend on the amount of rides you can commit to but if you live in a city or busy metropolitan area, taking an 80% cut of each fare is a simple, straightforward way to generate cash - should you also boast a sat nav and/or local route knowledge.

As life places an increasing level of financial demand on individuals, couples and families, remember that you needn't feel totally deserted. We hope that by thinking more outwardly about creative ways to make money may help you seize back control while in some cases, enjoying yourself at the same time.