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Andrew Stuckey  •  May 18, 2020

Whether you need to raise last minute funds for a summer holiday or reserves to pay off your next gas or electricity bill, some people overlook the fact they could make serious cash from the comfort of their own home.

Nowadays, the home environment has become much more than somewhere we simply cook meals, watch television and sleep at night. Indeed, continuous advancements in modern technology, the internet and the rise of home working have all resulted in contemporary home settings becoming extremely powerful places.

With today's generation more equipped than ever before to pro-actively generate their own funds, our handy guide will instruct you on the best ways to make a pretty penny from home.

Surf with substance

The internet truly is one of the most remarkable tools of our time and there are an entire plethora of ways to surf with substance. For starters, why are you allowing old panoramic holiday photos to simply clog up your hard drive? Sell your best scenic snaps to online stock photo gallery services such as Fotolia by Adobe and Shutterstock- you might just make a few quid as a result.

While eBay and Gumtree are popular, well-known services to part with your junk or second-hand items for agreeable fees online, have you thought about renting? Services such as RentMyItems.com allow individuals to hire out DJ equipment, vacuum cleaners, camcorders and more. One of the most gratifying ways to make quick quid, there is always somebody in need of a low cost solution that may be gathering dust otherwise.

And it's not all about selling items either. Given modern day themes of instantaneous technology and subsequent impatience, expertise is a highly sought-after commodity nowadays. If you can assemble a flat pack, package and decorate goods or compile freelance articles, you can earn skill-based cash via services such as TaskRabbit.co.uk or PeoplePerHour.com.

Assessing wants and needs

The smartest savers won't simply seek cash for unwanted goods but will go above and beyond the call of duty to assess the wants and needs of other people. Live in a commuter belt or inner-city environment? Renting out your sought-after parking space via JustPark.com could work for you if you cycle or get the bus.

Or how about you're particularly skilled at leading a class? Whether you can offer guitar lessons, counselling or language sessions, independently-led classes are popular because individuals can set competitive prices compared to larger organisations. For example, Classfinder.org.uk is a great way to advertise your fitness class online.

If you're a whizz in the kitchen, lending your cookery skills could represent another financial avenue. If you can produce cakes worthy of Great British Bake Off standards, compile your own research and reach out to school fetes, vintage fairs and car boot sales to initiate pro-active business relationships.

Go part-time

This one won't be for everyone but for singletons, arrivals to a new city or alternatively, those who are just driven, obtaining a secondary part-time home job is a straightforward way to make money.

For those with fewer commitments, becoming an out-of-hours call centre assistant or live web chat associate could be a great casual occupation to provide a boost to your income on payday. Nowadays, most laptops come with all the features required to meet the guidelines underpinning these roles. Advantages of this type of work include hourly pay rates and some commission-based incentives.

What else?

The ways to earn money from home are multiple and varied, and in many cases, come down to the will and determination of the saver themselves. Other home-based earning techniques include:

  • Trading in recyclable goods
  • Freelance writing and proofreading
  • Donating clothes / other items to charity shops
  • Completing data-based tasks (translation etc.)
  • Offering baby and pet sitting services
  • Reviewing music and retail products online

When the inevitable costs of everyday life scale out of control, always remember that there are ways to make money. By taking the time to research handy services online while trying out some of our simple home earning techniques, we hope you've been left feeling inspired.