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Don’t you miss those lovely summer evenings when you could spend time with friends, take a walk on a local beach, play in the park or enjoy a relaxing drink near a wonderful landscape?

Once the nights draw in and it’s cold and wet outside, the cost of having fun seems to increase as the urge to pay to watch pay per view sport or films can play havoc with your monthly cash flow.

The 118 Twins have lots of fun and interesting ideas to keep you entertained and busy at home to help you avoid a costly night out.

  • Saturday night fever at home
    Challenge your partner, children, or friends to a dance off! Mix dance challenges from the serious to the ridiculous. Choose a signature tune each!
  • Host your own karaoke night
    Do you have a games console, a karaoke machine, or a skilful guitarist with a large repertoire? Then invite friends around for a fun karaoke night. Whether you are the best or the worst, it doesn’t matter! To avoid a costly evening suggest that your guests bring a different snack or drink each.
  • Dinner date
    If you have kids then it can be pretty difficult sometimes to spend quality time with your partner. So why not create three menus, let you partner choose their favourite, put the kids to bed, then lovingly prepare a three-course meal that will take you back to your first ever date!
  • Bring-a-Cocktail night
    Save money on expensive cocktail bar drinks by having your own cocktail night at home! Invite your friends to each bring a spirit or mixer, then dress up and do your best Tom Cruise impression while mixing a range of drinks!
  • Movie night
    Who needs a trip to the cinema when you can watch some of the latest films from the comfort of your own home! Camp out in the living room with duvets, sleeping bags and pillows then snuggle up with the family to watch a film.
  • Into the darkness
    Why not have your own ‘power cut night’ by turning off the electrics, lighting some candles, and spend the evening telling stories and playing games (non-flammable and non-electric of course!)
  • Make your own pizza
    Save money on take-away food by making your own pizzas at home. It’s a fun way to spend time with the kids and you can challenge them to make the strangest, most creative or tastiest pizza.
  • Working out is the new going out
    Sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation to go to the gym but evening exercise sessions are getting busier and busier. Instead of the expense of joining a gym why not commit to a fitness programme at home. You could even invite a friend over to exercise with you for some extra motivation!

There are lots of ways to have fun at home with family and friends, these are just a few of our favourite options, which we hope will help you to enjoy your evenings in the comfort of your home without costing the earth!