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admin  •  May 14, 2020


According to research by dating site match.com  you'd need a whopping £120 for an average evening out having fun on a date so we’re here to help.

At 118 118 Money, we know you're too good to rely on splashing the cash to impress a date, so we're here with a few suggestions for cheap activities that'll give your love interest a night (or day) to remember.  After all, who needs the standard dinner and drinks when there's so many more ways to have fun without the price tag?  


  1. All the right moves

For around £5-£10, you can head to a dance class for a date that ticks all the boxes. A cheap, fun activity that'll teach you some new moves and give your fitness levels a bit of a boost. Your average dance lesson is just long enough to see if you really get along, without any awkward silences.  Seduce your partner with some impressive salsa moves, a hand-jive boogie or get up close and personal with a hot tango - whatever style you choose, some sparks are sure to fly


  1. Nature holds the key

Everyone has great memories of feeding the ducks as a kid, so doing something this simple in a natural setting is sure to take your date to a happy place. Head to a local park or National Trust beauty spot and whip out a couple of bags of oats, corn or defrosted frozen peas. You'll no doubt earn a few brownie points with your date for knowing bread is actually a terrible thing to feed ducks, especially if you know he or she is a bit of a nature-lover.


  1. Take the (bus) route to romance

It worked for Josh Hartnett in early noughties rom-com ‘40 Days and 40 Nights’, and we reckon enough time has passed to pretend it's your own idea if your date asks. Buy each of you a day ticket, hop on your favourite bus route (don't pretend you don't have one) and spend an afternoon people-watching as you tour the town. Highlights can include making up backstories for your fellow riders, and sharing a bus picnic of your favourite snacks.


  1. Man’s best friend…

Head to your local dog shelter and take a four-legged friend for a stroll. He'll provide the distraction you both need to fill any lulls in conversation, and your kind-hearted suggestion is sure to make you a hit with your date.


  1. Go to a local gig

Support your local music scene and head to a small gig. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of the band before (your date will be impressed by your choice of undiscovered local talent!) and after all, the more obscure they are, the cheaper the gig will probably be, maybe even free!!!


  1. Something you’ve never done before…

This is the kind of stuff that can be a real icebreaker when you're getting to know someone. Both of you need to make a list of around three things you've never tried, then when it's time for your date you can start ticking them off! Keep it small like trying veggie chips or karaoke to keep costs down and have some fun.


  1. Go on a brewery tour

Find a micro or craft brewery in your local area and book a tour. You'll likely get a good few free samples thrown in with the tour, and it'll demonstrate to your date that your taste for beer takes you  beyond wanting to spend every night in the pub.


  1. The fancy dress stunt

This is one for the daters who are looking for lots of laughs. It'll help you check that your date doesn't take themselves too seriously, making it perfect for weeding out the boring ones in your list of possible soul mates! This date involves going to a free exhibition or museum, but stopping off on the way at a charity clothing store and choosing something for each other to wear. The only rules are that the items must match the theme of the exhibition you are going to see, and they must be slightly offbeat! Dinosaur pyjama bottoms in the middle of town, anyone?


  1. Watch the sunset somewhere special

Wrack your brain for the best view in your area, and take your date there to watch the sun go down. Beach, hillside, shopping centre car park… we'll leave the location up to you. All you need is a picnic blanket, a few snacks, some cosy jumpers, and it'll be almost impossible for romance not to blossom.


  1. Be tourists in your own town

Go sightseeing, taking snaps of the most interesting things as you go. This date is not only inexpensive (as you'll be focusing on the outside architecture and street-side sights) but it will also help you both see your hometown in a whole new light. What’s more, discovering things will not only bring you closer on the day, it'll give you plenty to talk about when you see each other again. For an added touch, compare photos at the end of the date, and decide on the best one that captured the mood


At 118 118 Money, our blog is bursting with money-saving ideas. Hopefully this top ten rundown has inspired you to get out there and not let a lack of funds hold you back in your search for The One, but we can also help you get the most from your budget in many other areas of your life - just take a look at our other blog posts.  


Do you have any top tips for dating without spending a fortune? Get in touch!